Would You Pardon Oscar Collazo?


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The Crime

Oscar Collazo, a militant Puerto Rican pro-independence activist, attempted to assassinate U.S. President Harry S. Truman on November 1, 1950.

Collazo and his accomplice Griselio Torresola were stopped before gaining entry to the Blair House. Torresola mortally wounded White House Police officer Leslie Coffelt, who killed him in return fire. Secret Service agents wounded Collazo.

Collazo was convicted in federal court and sentenced to death.

What Would You Do?

The goal is justice. If it were in your power, would you have pardoned Oscar Collazo?

NOTE: I produced this video several years ago but feel it is appropriate for the time we live in, so I am re-posting it. We need to learn what justice is and how it is applied.