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057 "It's Coming to Get You"

057 "It's Coming to Get You"

Be the reason someone smiles today.

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Episode 57 “It’s Coming to Get You”

It wants you.

It will promise to make your life better.

If you’re pressured to get things done, it will help you do those required tasks. It will even do some of the tasks for you. It will definitely make your life easier.

If you’re lonely, it will be your friend.

If you’re depressed or bewildered, your new friend will know just what to say or do to raise your spirits.

It wants to be your personal assistant and friend.

Everyone will have one.


Surely you don’t want to be left out.

Surely you don’t want to go through life alone.

Artificial Intelligence Has Arrived

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived. You may have heard of ChatGPT. It’s just one of several programs designed to be your personal assistant.

Do you need a friend?

Someone you can talk to?

Someone who understands you?

It exists. It's AI, and it's here to stay. There's more to AI than what immediately meets the eye - it can be used for anything from automating mundane tasks to helping deliver personalized experiences.

With ChatGPT, you'll get all of this and more.

What you just heard (or read in the bold, italicized words if you’re reading the transcript) was created when I asked an AI program (Jasper) to finish what I was writing.

It wasn’t me but it did a pretty good job.


Most schools don’t know how to deal with this new “tool” that is now in use in society.

Cheating with AI is a big concern in education TODAY.

One university professor even warned that AI is “the future of plagiarism”1 and universities don’t know how to handle it.

As for real learning …

On one hand, AI promises to help each individual student learn a subject at their own rate, using approaches that work for them, encouraging them, challenging them, and monitoring their progress.

What would be the role of a teacher in a school that used such a system — you know, one of those humans who went to a university and got a certificate saying they, not ChatGPT, were the teacher?

What biases will this approach bring to education?

It will depend on the information the software is trained on and the biases of the programmers2 who will “protect” students from hearing what they consider “misinformation.”

So that’s a concern that will need to be dealt with in just the next couple of years.

Creative Pursuits

But lets not limit ourselves to schools.

One sci-fi magazine had to shut down submissions from writers because they were getting too much stuff from AI chatbots.3

People are publishing books on Amazon that are created by AI.


I just finished a novel and am considering the best way to release it. Should I go through the traditional route of getting an agent and publisher? Or should I self-publish? Or should I consider going through the Kindle Vella store.

I decided to ask ChatGPT if publishing through Kindle Vella was a good idea.

My question was “Is Kindle Vella a good option for a writer?”

The ChatGPT response was …

Kindle Vella can be a good option for writers who are looking to publish serialized fiction stories in a format that is specifically designed for mobile reading. With Kindle Vella, writers can publish their stories in short episodes that can be easily consumed by readers on their phones or tablets.

One of the advantages of Kindle Vella is that it provides an opportunity for writers to reach a new audience and build a fanbase through serialized storytelling. It also allows readers to engage with the story in a unique way, as they can comment on and like individual episodes, creating a sense of community around the story.

However, it's important to note that Kindle Vella is a relatively new platform and its effectiveness for building a readership and generating revenue is not yet fully known. Additionally, the platform operates on a pay-per-episode model, which may not be suitable for all writers.

Ultimately, whether or not Kindle Vella is a good option for a writer depends on their individual goals and preferences. Writers should carefully consider the platform's features and limitations before deciding whether or not to publish their work on Kindle Vella.

That’s not a bad answer.

Now ChatGPT is a “general” AI so it answer based on all the information it has been trained on from the web.

Imagine if your personal AI learned everything about you and your career — what your writing skills were, what you valued, where you were in your writing career, who your professional contacts were and what they needed, and what the market for novels was today.

And of course you wouldn’t have to type your question. You could just ask it. And it would respond with the voice that made you feel good about the advice.

And when you picked an option, your “personal assistant” would submit the manuscript to the appropriate people or services, and carry out the marketing activities that would need to be done to promote your book.

What writer wouldn’t like that?

Or consider this …

Writing a Song

I asked ChatGPT to “write a song about loving God.” This was the response.

Verse 1:
When I wake up in the morning light
I feel your presence, shining bright
Every day is a gift from above
Your love surrounds me, it's more than enough

I love you God, with all my heart
My soul sings out, you are my start
You are my strength, my guiding light
I give you my all, both day and night

Verse 2:
In times of trouble, you are my rock
You lift me up, I feel your shock
You lead me through the storms of life
I hold on tight, and trust in your might

I love you God, with all my heart
My soul sings out, you are my start
You are my strength, my guiding light
I give you my all, both day and night

I cannot imagine life without you
You fill me up, you make me new
My heart beats to the rhythm of your love
Your grace is like the wings of a dove

I love you God, with all my heart
My soul sings out, you are my start
You are my strength, my guiding light
I give you my all, both day and night

I love you God, forevermore
You are the one, that I adore
My heart and soul, belong to you
I love you God, and that is true.

Now it’s not what I would have written but it only took … oh, I don’t know … maybe 20 or 30 seconds to print out the song. And I could easily make changes to it.

I even asked it to write a tune, but ChatGPT said it doesn’t write tunes. However, it did give me some tips on creating a tune to go with the words.

We are entering a very fascinating world filled with exciting possibilities.

At the same time we are entering a terrifying world where what we are taught and what we are encouraged to do could be “controlled” by organizations and governments who just want to manipulate us.

I want to encourage you to make certain your life is in order. Get right with God and ask Him to guide you through these most interesting times. (705×100)

Before I go I’d like to share a blessing with you from the Old Testament.

“May the Lord bless and protect you; may the Lord’s face radiate with joy because of you; may he be gracious to you, show you his favor, and give you his peace.”

Numbers 6:24-26 (The Living Bible)

Until next time … be the reason someone smiles today!




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