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Did you watch the debate last night?

Did you watch the debate last night?

Be the reason someone smiles today.

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Did you watch the debate last night?

You know the one — a bunch of people wanting to be the Republican nominee for President in the coming election.

Yeah, that one.

Now I know the leading candidate for the Republican nomination was not participating in that debate, but there was no lack of people on stage last night.

Did you watch it?

Now I’m a history teacher, so politics and history are things I’m interested in. I almost feel compelled to watch such events.

But I didn’t.

I haven’t watched a presidential debate in years.

At best, presidential debates tend to be insipid1. At worst they are examples of name calling and posturing that rival a discussion of important issues by grade schoolers. It doesn’t help when the “journalists” moderating the debate make the debaters look like intellectuals.

So, I had a very good time last night, talking with my wife and listening to a book together on Audible.

But I didn’t watch the debate, so I can’t analyze it for you.

Instead, if you would like to know something about the candidates, I would encourage you to listen to long one-on-one interviews with them, by journalists who ask good questions and listen to the answers.

In the next section I’ll give you links to several interviews that I would recommend if you want to know more about the people running for the presidency.

Debate Night with Donald J Trump” Tucker Carlson interviews Donald Trump on X.

Vivek Ramaswamy is the youngest Republican presidential candidate ever.” Tucker Carlson interviews Vivek Ramaswamy on X.

The Deep State Won’t Give Its Power Back Willingly” Glenn Beck interviews Ron DeSantis.

Nikki Haley Rejects Ukraine Criticism: ‘I’m not a warmonger.’” Glenn Beck interviews Nikki Haley.

Why the ‘Anti-Woke Crusader’ is running for president.” Glenn Beck interviews Vivek Ramaswamy.

There’s a book I would really encourage you to read. It has a strange title. It’s called Rise of the Fourth Reich. The authors’ basic argument is that many things that happened during the Covid pandemic were, in fact, criminal, and the people behind those actions should be held accountable.

The book is organized to represent something along the lines of the Nuremburg trials after World War 2 with each chapter being one person telling what they experienced during the pandemic.

Regardless of your feelings about Covid or vaccines, you really should read this book to see how the power of government, businesses and individuals impacted lives and caused many deaths.

Before I go, I’d like to share a blessing with you from the Old Testament.

“May the Lord bless and protect you; may the Lord’s face radiate with joy because of you; may he be gracious to you, show you his favor, and give you his peace.”

Numbers 6:24-26 (The Living Bible)

Until next time … be the reason someone smiles today!


Lacking Interest or Stimulation: More broadly, "insipid" can describe anything—such as a piece of writing, a conversation, or a movie—that is lacking in vigor or interest; something that is dull, banal, or unstimulating.

  • Example: The lecture was insipid, and many in the audience struggled to stay awake.

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